Stud Service Info

Choosing a STUD is a BIG decision! I look forward to answer any question you may have. 

Mating arrangements
Its best to contact us prior to female’s season ~if possible~ to discuss any questions.
Please let us know as soon as your female starts her season so we both can make arrangements. (This is the first day of blood show). It is imperative that the female is ready for mating at the time she is brought to the stud dog. It is important to have the bitch's progesterone levels tested to ensure she is bred during heroptimal fertility period, or ask your veterinarian to perform a cytological examination. Either test can be used and are helpful to pinpoint ideal breeding time. (Most females breed between the 9-18 days). When your female begins to flag or post she is just about ready to be bred.  We will provide  2 to 3 stud services.

Repeat service
We will provide a free return stud service during her next season if no pregnancy results from current breeding.

The breeding should be paid for before breeding services are rendered.
We may take a puppy in lieu of a stud fee,  this could be an option. Please contact me for all questions. 

Litter care and placement
The bitch owner is responsible of taking proper care of there bitch and rearing her litter.  My help is available, if wanted or needed, to help place puppies with new families. In all cases the priority should be given to finding a proper permanent home for every puppy.  

Fresh chilled/frozen semen
Shipping of fresh chilled or frozen semen from our stud dog is available.

Fertility guarantees

We evaluate our dog's collected semen to ensure healthy high sperm counts prior to each breeding.

Champion bloodlines: Dog shows measure quality in areas such as conformation, movement, personality and responsiveness to training.  A dog that has many champions in his bloodline or is a champion himself carries many of these good heritable traits. A quality breeder will either show themselves, or breed champion bloodlines and follow the Shorty Bull breed standard.  Dogs who can compete in obedience & agility is desired.

California Gold Shorty Bull
 Working & Conformation Shorty Bulls