Owned by Joe Smith

​​​California Gold Shorty Bull
     Working & Conformation Shorty Bulls


California Gold Shorty Bull
 Working & Conformation Shorty Bulls

Female Iron-Man puppy


We are committed to producing top conformation pups which are healthy, powerful, athletic, with excellent temperaments. We seek complete balance in our breeding program. We provide health warranties for are pups. Our pups are heavily muscled, compact with substantial bone mass.  We prefer a masculine head expressing confidence and power. We love almond shaped eyes that are set widely apart, low on a wide medium short muzzle for optimal respiratory function. The look is unique, only to the shorty bull breed. We strive for overall symmetrical working dog structure.  A good top line with good rear and front angulation is essential.  Good front reach and rear drive is imperative to us for strong powerful working dog movement. Our pups are healthy, alert, curious, spunky, and very loving. They want to conquer the world, and want to play with everything. By the time our pups reach 8 weeks of age, we can see each unique personality and they are ready to bond. Our pups need indoor and out door space with responsible people.  Are goal is simply to provide the highest quality of pups to true dog enthusiasts.