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​​​​​​I would like to give a special thanks to Xavier Jimenz of X-Lines Bullies and Alberto Sandoval of East Bay Shorty Bulls.    

17 weeks old.

4 Months old



ABKC  Champion Iron-Man

We believe the foundation of an excellent breeding program begins and ends with breeding the best females the breed has to offer. Each of our females is unique and is truly exceptional in terms of bone mass, muscle mass, structure, and most of all excellent temperament. We love our girls.

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17 weeks old

CAL-GOLD Shorty Bull

 Working & Conformation Shorty Bulls 

We are committed to producing top conformation pups which are healthy, powerful, athletic, with excellent temperaments. We seek complete balance in our breeding program. We provide health warranties for are pups. Our pups are heavily muscled, compact with substantial bone mass.  We prefer a masculine head expressing confidence and power. We love almond shaped eyes that are set widely apart, low on a wide medium short muzzle for optimal respiratory function. The look is unique, only to the shorty bull breed. We strive for overall symmetrical working dog structure.  A good top line with good rear and front angulation is essential.  Good front reach and rear drive is imperative to us for strong powerful working dog movement. Our pups are healthy, alert, curious, spunky, and very loving. They want to conquer the world, and want to play with everything. By the time our pups reach 8 weeks of age, we can see each unique personality and they are ready to bond. Our pups need indoor and out door space with responsible people.  Are goal is simply to provide the highest quality of pups to true dog enthusiasts.  

​​​​Shorty Bulls are extremely intelligent, loyal, versatile, and have the strong need for human interaction and bonding.  They can excel in all types of K-9 sports: tracking, protection, agility​, advanced obedience, therapy work, barn hunt etc. Shorty Bulls are very emotional and expressive especially with there eyes, face, and body. They can read human emotions and quickly assess most situations. They love nothing more than family interaction, or just one on one play/work.  They seem to be more human-like than dog-like. The Shorty Bull is free of the multiple health problems facing the English Bulldog today saving you thousands of dollars in vet bills. I can speak with experience loosing my English Bull Dog in 1981. The Shorty Bull will undeniably surpass all your needs as a family pet and all expectations.   

The Legend Blue River's X-Man.

                 Iron-Man's Sire

​​​​​​ After a 20 year career in law enforcement, I retired in July of 2014, which enabled me to pursue my passion full time. I have always been an appreciator of all breeds of dogs.  I have owned and  been involved with many different breeds of dogs. I have over 25 years of experience in breeding, advanced training/working, and showing Rottweilers.     

I  received my first Shorty Bull, a 7 month old female, from my long-time friend and owner of East Bay Shorty Bulls, Alberto Sandoval.  Her uniquely charismatic  ability to bond with each member of my family and friends was amazing. Her quirky personality brought a smile to everyone she met.  In terms of intelligence, clarity, drive, heart, athletic ability, speed, power,  and desire to learn, she was off the charts! Never did I believe that the Shorty Bull Breed would exceed all my expectations. In 2014, I purchased 2 of X- Lines finest  female  pups  from Xavier Jimenez. My last dog I purchased was a 12 week old male pup, X- lines Iron-Man, a breeder's dream.  

​We have been involved in K-9 working events. In 2015, through the BHA Barn Hunt Association we received a qualifying score and a second place winning. At the 2015, West Coast Finals Iron-Man earned his ABKC Championship. Our females have been awarded Best of Breed and Best Female Awards. We have a small select breeding program in which we have had 4 litters with fantastic success in terms of  distinct type, bone mass, structure, movement, and most importantly temperament. Our dogs are top show quality with unique personalities and excellent temperament ideal for families and children. Our first litter was sired by the Legendary Blue River's X-Man. Our second litter was sired ​by ABKC Champion Next Level's Dexter. Currently we have pups from  ABKC Champion X- Lines Iron-Man. All of are studs are 100% Blue River heritage and are truly exceptional in terms of breed type and temperament. Our goal is simply to have the highest quality of Shorty Bull pups. As a true dog enthusiast, I know this breed was developed with purpose. I am grateful for all involved in the development and creation of the Shorty Bull. The Shorty bull is 100% American made and are made to last.