6 months

ABKC Champion X-Lines Iron-Man ABKC: #215094, BBC: #010169-02M, BBCR: #01-23260-15

13 weeks

7 weeks

8 months Best of Breed winner

Currently we are focusing on Iron-Man's working abilities. We would like to compete in K-9 working events prior to showing again. We plan to place a BH (schutzhund basic obedience test) on him shortly. He is athletic with non-stop prey drive, focus, and working stamina. He is clear minded and hard when working. He is well balanced in terms of  working temperament.   

                      X-Lines Iron-Man

Working on the hold & bark and the bite & release portion of the protection phase of Schutzhund I.

10 months

At 8 months of age Iron-Man was awarded an ABKC Championship at the West Coast Finals. In Iron-Man's limited showing he has won 9 First place Awards, 7 Best Male Awards, 4 Best of Winner Awards, and 1 Best of Breed Award while in the 6-9 puppy class at three ABKC events. We like to thank the ABKC organization. Judges including Ron Ramos have made positive comments in terms of Iron-Man's conformation. 

CAL-GOLD Shorty Bull Presents

​​10 weeks

Iron-Man  is of  Blue River heritage and has one of the finest Shorty Bull pedigrees. He is a son of the prestigious Blue River's X-Man and the petite power house Lock N Loaded Iron Maiden, daughter  of Blue River's Che of LnL and Ch Blue River's Vendetta of LnL.  Iron-Man is a paternal grandson/maternal great-grandson to one of my favorite shorty bulls, the  legendary Blue River's Voodoo doll  (Best shorty bull producer of all time) see pedigree below. Iron-Man is open for stud service. He is the  combination of incredible demenions aesthetic symmetry, with powerful movement, and extreme mass.  

22 months

X-Lines Iron- Man's Time-line

                    5 weeks

CAL-GOLD Shorty Bull

  Working and Conformation Shorty Bulls 

Just Happy with his ball

18 months


DOB: 04/03/15

(Age:23  months)

Height: 13 inches

Weight: 41 pounds

Head: 21 nches

Back: 13 inches

​Shoulder Width: 13 inches

​Critique: Extreme head piece , brown almond shape eyes. excellent eye separation, very heavy bone, strong straight pasterns, tight feet, excellent top line with thick muscled shoulders, fully developed chest, excellent front and rear angulation, good rib spring, strong powerful heavily muscled rear with good reach and drive when moving, his stride exhibits power, balance, and confidence.